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Reviewed in Canada on March 25, 2020
DO NOT LISTEN TO WHAT ALL THESE OTHER PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT ONLINE PLAY, IT ISN'T THAT BIG OF A DEAL. I always loved the feel of animal crossing as a whole, and this game might be my favourite from the entire series. I only ordered the game yesterday and although to some people the game might start off a little slow, the customization options from the start with things like clothing, face paints, and more is really fun to toy around with. When starting off, character customization in terms of hairstyles and eyes, mouth etc. can be limited, but more can be unlocked later on. When starting the game, the player can choose from 4 randomly generated island types, and can also choose the name of the island, 2 other campers also come and live on your island at the start. You also get a native fruit to your island, these can be peaches, apples, cherries, oranges, and pears. These are randomly chosen. Right after starting the game and getting out of the main setup, I had made my sister register inside of the game, which was extremely easy (if they had a nintendo switch account already on the switch they could just load up the game on their account and create their character right away). Yes, only one switch is allowed per island, and this probably wont change. However, I do not see a problem with this at all. Up to 8 residents are allowed on one island at once, and the island size is more than enough for each resident to have their own space on the island. local play between players is also very easily accessible by opening the nook phone and selecting the “Call Resident” app, from there you can select multiple residents to play with together. When playing local play, the game always has a leader, which can do more things than a player, such as going into buildings, the camera follows them, accessing shops, etc. This doesn’t mean the other people playing are left out though, people can still use tools from their inventory, and they can still pickup items (which are stored in a box inside resident services). I don’t these limitations as much of a problem, since changing the leader is extremely easy and just takes a shake of a controller and a button. There is also complaints about the fact that players who aren't the first player registered on the island can’t progress through certain parts of the game, but it has been like that for countless animal crossing games, and it only makes sense since the first person to found that island is basically the leader. Overall it is amazing game definitely worth the wait and price, and I think most complaints are just over exaggerated.
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