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Reviewed in Canada on February 7, 2017
My wife and I have been using this for 18 months now and its still a very valuable and important part of our daily lives. It gets used probably 8 times a day, for very short periods but used nonetheless. I am giving this item 5 stars as it functions well as a change pad and that's what I bought it for, but its marketable features are more gimmicky to me which I will discuss below.

The "Xtra-Grip" feet on the bottom don't do much. Without any weight on the pad (no baby) you can easily push this mat with your pinky finger while its on a table. So I wouldn't exactly say they provide grip. When we lay our son down, it is fairly hard to push but I'm sure that's more to do with the weight of our son weighing the mat down.

The Safety strap is great in theory, we used it twice and quickly gave up. Our son just laid there until he learned how to flip over. Once he was able to do that, he was able to flip with the strap applied unless pulled very tight which causes the sides to curl up. When he rolls with the strap applied, he was able to roll the whole mat with him. It also gets in the way of flipping up his onesie and made changing that much more difficult. I ended up cutting them off. I know most people who want this feature have an idea of this perfect nursery in their head where they can mount this on a change table, but its not really practical. Much easier and safer to lay this on a bed or even better, the floor. Way too stressful worrying about if you little one will flip, roll, sit-up and fight or try to get off while trying to pull wipes from a bag and apply cream to worry about falling. Looks great in magazines, doesn't work in the real world.

The Easy Wipe surface lives up to its name. Its non-porous and wipes clean very easily with a baby wipe. Ours is as clean as the day we bought it. You could use this without a cover if you wanted to as well.

Size wise, our son is now 18 months old and 36" tall so his feet now hang off the end. Not sure how much longer we will get use out of this, may have to switch to a pillow under the head on the floor.

- Soft and comfortable
- Good size
- Super easy to clean

- Feet grips don't do much
- Safety strap value is questionable
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