Customer Review

Reviewed in Canada on September 16, 2021
When I bought this hard drive, I was looking for reliable, inexpensive long term backup storage. Installation was breeze as you would expect. The sweet spot for price/capacity ratio these days seems to be 4TB.

The drive is quiet and surprisingly fast. Not SSD fast but noticeably faster than my older 2TB model. I managed 191 MB/s sequential read and 184 MB/s write on Crystal disk info with this disk. Compared this to 147 MB/s read and 143 MB/s write with my 2 TB drive. Of course, random read and writes are much slower but that's true of all spinning hard drives, that's why we have SSD's. There are also no discernible vibrations.

Only time will tell if the drive is reliable. Three years warranty gives some peace of mind and seems to be the standard these days but there are some drives with a 1 year warranty. There are also 5 year warranty's, but I'm not convinced they are worth it for my intended use.
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