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Reviewed in Canada on September 11, 2020
Despite the negative reviews I decided to purchase this camera to go with my ring doorbell.. it was easy to mount.. mounted it higher than arms reach so when it had problems with it connecting, I had to get a ladder.. grab the device.. reset it.. go through software update procedure Again.. happened many times before it decided to actually work. I moved my modem 5 inches closer to where the camera is located (despite it saying the connection was -45, to which I believe is great connection) and it did work. now it just decides when to work and not to work.. kind of a pain in the *^# if you ask me. The doorbell (although I didn’t purchase from amazon), has exceeded my expectations!

Update: we ended up purchasing a wifi extender which did help but was an additional cost to what we already spent on the camera so I wasn’t happy about that but so far no issues. The battery drains every 2 months or so also.
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