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Reviewed in Canada on October 22, 2021
This is an amazing book for kids. It provides them language for their big emotions and validates their experience. People who are fearful that it is giving their children the idea of running away are misguided. It’s like saying if you talk about sex with your kid they will run out and have it. When little guys feel big emotions a lot of things happen like a flee/runaway response which is normal. This book opens up that conversation. When you feel mad do you every want to get away? Wow that must be scary. You can also change mad to frustrated sad hurt etc and how that feels. This book is useful in many ways but especially for giving little guys a visually validating for big emotions. What toddler or kid doesn’t have a melt down at some point and wouldn’t it be amazing to understand that it’s normal and know someone else felt that way as well as what is acceptable mad behavior and what isn’t (running away). We want to run away but we can’t so what can we do instead. Hugs
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