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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on June 1, 2020
"If learning is engaging, it will stop being a chore."

It was a wish many people (including me) shared but difficult to achieve, especially in teaching complex business knowledge. Yet, the author delivered the promise she made in the opening note.

It wasn't just a business case with more context or anecdotes that up to readers to interpret. It was well crafted. You would learn problem-solving and critical thinking from a conversation, an email, a character's internal debate, even from someone's complaint on a hangover.

And I burst out laughing when I saw a live HBR article in the plot. What an innovation of "breaking the wall". It succeeded in drawing me to read an article that would've been ignored elsewhere.

Is it a good novel? Oh yeah.

I rarely read novels and am not the best person to comment on this. What I can say, though, is that as a calm person, I couldn't help posting my exclamation on social media, and it was only the first chapter in.

There weren't only business and politics, there were living people with complexity, there was history, and of course, fate.

I can't wait to see this becomes a series.
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