Customer Review

Reviewed in Canada on June 11, 2020
I ordered a Silicon Power 512GB 2.5" SSD from Silicon Power USA Inc. It was shipped out promptly and it arrived in pristine condition. Physical install went well and the computer took to it without any hiccup whatsoever. It's too early to rate the longevity, but it doesn't seem like it will have any problems during it's expected lifetime.
Note: this is a laptop-sized solid state hard drive, which I hadn't found directly stated anywhere and I wasn't yet aware that the difference can be implied through the 2.5" dimensions stat. However, I learned there are ways of adapting larger bays for this size and I had acquired a tower for the computer I was assembling which inherently supported this size anyway so I had no delays in utilizing the ordered product. I actually quite enjoy how almost undetectable this little drive is once installed because it is so physically small and the same black color as the tower case it hides in. If it helps to know, the tower this drive fits in so well in is the Antec P7 Silent.
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