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Reviewed in Canada on October 31, 2020
This is a nice bag. It has storage for 4 or 5 lenses with your camera. If you are like me then you have two camera's stuffed into it with a couple of mikes and batteries and a couple of Chargers.... It fits in. So yeah that's a major pro.

The bad... The straps on the bottom... They are good for NOTHING. You think Ok I will be able to strap on my Tripod... And NOPE... Maybe my Tripod is big so I bought a smaller one... Still NOPE. You can't like undo the entire thing ether so if it doesn't fit then you are NEVER going to fit it. It would be NICE if it would have like shakles like for the lunchbox style top it does but NOPE... So it's not Perfect for a hike or a trip which kind of sucks.

Overall though... I would recommend it. Unless you are using this for a trip that you need a tripod good tripod then this isn't for you and you should look for other options in my opinion. I gave it a 4 because of this you know because it would be a solid 5 for everything else.
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