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Reviewed in Canada on August 14, 2016
Every woman should read this book.. To know that being abused is not okay
Every man should read this book.. To know that abusing the one you love is not okay
.. And vice versa.. I do know roles can be reversed
This book gives a lot of insight to domestic abuse.. Yes it only happened to be physical in this situation but there are many that are abused emotionally. I was one of those and learned to distance myself from those people which happens to be family. It's hard, you love them but they chip away at your self esteem and you begin to think you aren't worth much.. You settle for what you have because that's what they've made you believe you're worth..
You are worth soooo much more though! Don't settle for less!
So many have been through Lily's and Ryle's situation. It's hurtful but I believe this book will bring a lot of light to many situations
It's heartbreaking that many do even the author of this book and her family
Read this book!
Make sure not to end up another Lily or Ryle
And make sure #itendswithus
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