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Reviewed in Canada on December 17, 2017
The crest scope mouth wash is a decent product; it arrived at my house in two days and was sealed with no leaks or damage.

If you are looking for a mouth wash that freshens your breath, then this is a good mouth wash for you. With the 12.25% alcohol content you can be sure that not only does it make your mouth smelling fresh but it also disinfects it as well. My only nitpick with this product is that on the packaging; it doesn't say what it's good for except to freshen breath. Of course, if you do your research a little, you know alcohol will kill the bacteria and germs in your mouth, but because I'm not a dentist, doctor, or chemist, thus I don't know if alcohol also removes the tartar and/or plaque; perhaps another medical ingredient in the mouth wash does this, I just wish they had put it on the bottle of course. Moreover, I don't get that same clean feeling like a get with other mouth wash products, it claims that you get 5 times longer fresher feeling breath, unfortunately I couldn't really test this out, but it did give my mouth a minty fresh taste after.

Overall, Crest Scope mouth wash is a decent product with a fair price point.
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