Customer Review

Reviewed in Canada on October 15, 2020
I bought this product because I had a lot of closed comedones on my cheeks dues to cystic acne. Since I don’t like to but benzoyl peroxide as a leave on treatment, I got this cleanser. I have very dry and dehydrated skin and I usually go with a very gentle cleanser at night (I use the CeraVe hydrating cleanser or the Vegan Milk Cleanser by Milk Makeup). This did not dry me out! It didn’t leave me feeling dry and tight, but it wasn’t hydrating as well. It’s deep cleansing without stripping your skin.
I feel like this is the only product that helped with my closed comedones. I use tretinoin, ahas and bhas, in my routine (not all at the same time, lol) ,but this cleanser was the one that did it. Whenever I feel like my skin is congested, I use this and I’ll see results the next morning! Really recommend if you’re looking for a decongesting cleanser!
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