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Reviewed in Canada on January 25, 2013
The first 3 Indiana Jones movies are simply awesome and each one builds off the other. Raiders Of The Lost Ark looks incredible in Blu-Ray, colors pop and the musical score and sound effects sound great.

Temple of Doom also looks and sounds better then ever, and seeing Sean Connery as Indiana's father in The Lost Crusade do his thing is a treat.

But then we have the festering turd polluting the awesome---and that would be Kingdom of the Crystal Turd, and this movie is just god awful. Shia never really clicks or feels right for the part he has to play, and Harrison Ford is just looking old and out of place here. Then they have the obviously fake Russian accent on the female villain and the whole inter-dimensional alien sub-plot and UGH... just basically ignore Kingdom.

As for the extras disc, you get a couple of good making of documentaries for Raiders, and individual documentaries for Temple, Last Crusade and yes, Kingdom.

All in all a good package, although the way the discs are packaged in the case leaves a lot to be desired---best to just remove the discs from the box and store them in a DVD/Blu-Ray binder.
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4.7 out of 5
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