Customer Review

Reviewed in Canada on October 16, 2021
I got the 3’x4’ board and it’s everything I wanted. We did put a piece of styrofoam shoved in behind the board in the center to support hand weight for less flexing. It didn’t flex much but I saw that suggestion from another review and it was a good one.

It was really heavy but otherwise not difficult to install.

Even permanent market can come off easy. Now that I don’t have a whiteboard protective film to consider (aka can’t use windex or it’ll get ruined) it’s the whole reason I got the glass magnetic whiteboard! You CAN remove permanent marker from glass with windex, but you can’t from a normal whiteboard.
Either way, I mostly use those staedler water/lumosity pens. Spray water, use a cloth. Eventually wring out the cloth with lots of water to get the excess pigment off of it. Absolutely love the low-hassle cleaning a glass whiteboard gives you. I also like that it’s magnetic so the board isn’t a waste of space. Since I got the large one magnetic was a must.
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