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Reviewed in Canada on January 30, 2017
This is more of a 4.5 star rather than a 5 star, and for one reason. The first set I received was broken. The Fellowship of the Ring skipped at the transition between chapter 1 and 2. Amazon, however, has an incredible exchange policy. I got my new set after about a week, and they shipped it even before they received the old package.

Onto the actual product, though. I've only had time to watch the first movie, and so far the quality is incredible. This version has all the movies on 2 blu-ray discs each. Is it better looking than other Blu-ray versions? Specifically the ones that were only on one disc? Well, I'm not sure. It's gonna depend on the person, I think. The movies are only 1080p, though, which is strange to me. How can one 1080p movie require 2 50gb blu-rays?

There are also sooooo many discs with special features, I almost don't think I'll ever watch all of it. There is a pretty incredible value in this set.

Last thing I should mention is the packaging. Not the Amazon packaging, but the actual set package. It's just a flimsy cardboard box with the 3 blu-rays inside. They need to change the thumbnail picture for this product, because that fold out map thing doesn't exist.
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