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Reviewed in Canada on November 2, 2017
The only problem with Steins;Gate is that it starts slowly, but once it gets going it never stops. Truly one of the anime that will be remember in the future as a classic of the genre. It's also one of the rare piece of media that can handle time-travel with as little plot holes as possible, quite an impressive feat.
The main character was truly the greatest surprise for me: I started by disliking him, but slowly came to actually appreciate him, and the story fleshed him out in a way I never quite expected. Other characters stay quite underdeveloped compared to him, but they still all have their moments and none of them I found unlikable.
This anime, however, will not appeal to everyone. Otaku culture and internet references might annoy some people, and long science exposition might not interest everyone. Moreover, as stated in the beginning, the show has a slow start in a "slice of life" format before truly starting (in a very very unexpected way, believe me).
That being said, this is a very great show, and fans of anime should be able to appreciate it. Don't let the slow start get to you: the payoff is definitely worth it.
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