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Reviewed in Canada on April 20, 2014
Ordered this replacement pump when my original pump seized up after years of good service.

My original pump was Jebao branded, came in the box with the Fresh Flow Deluxe (with flow control), both brand new. No complaints. This one, the replacement, was branded by Petmate when I opened it up.

While the design is very similar and it fits in basically the right place, they are *not* the same pump. Other reviews said it was possible to use this with the old flow valve. It is not, it does not fit. Almost, but not quite. The old pump had a slight curve to the sides of its rectangular front. The new pump is straight sided. Attempts to force the flow valve onto the new pump do not work, it pops itself right back off. So I am forced to use the full flow faceplate that came with it. I could live with this, but it's very disappointing, since nobody seems to sell a pump with the flow valve anywhere. I don't think replacements exist for it.

Next, the power supply is poorly designed. The old pump had an adapter with a small tail of wire, then a connector, then the wire running to the pump. In case the wire was accidentally kicked or pulled, the wire disconnected itself at the connector, no problem. The new power supply has the connector port embedded into the adapter itself, which is just strange and likely to get bent or broken. It also reeks with some kind of nasty electrical smell whenever it's plugged in, and has been doing so for two weeks now with no sign of the smell abating. It also has the strangest warning I've ever seen on an adapter "Use only in the upright position" uh what, why? Is this not a solid state device? Are there liquids inside, is it operated by gravity? Why on earth would it need a warning like that?

So this is all dumb and annoying so far, I'd put it at a 3 star "It's okay" rating. But one issue alone puts it firmly into the "I hate it" category and that's the NOISE. Holy hell it sounds like an angry chainsaw. The old pump was basically silent, if you listened for it it would have a very gentle hum as could be expected from a device with moving parts, the only sound you could hear normally was the water, or if you let it run a bit too low on water it would start to gurgle a bit. The new one is buzzing and vibrating like crazy ALL the time, it is incredibly obnoxiously loud. You can feel the vibration through the floor. I have to unplug it at night or I can't sleep. My cat is afraid of it.

What a piece of junk. I was very happy with the original pump and in fact quite fond of my reliable little Fresh Flow. Now I'm seriously considering just tossing the whole system in the trash and finding a different water fountain. That's how drastically this little pump has changed my opinion.
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