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Reviewed in Canada on October 11, 2019
My daughter's eye doctor had asked us to use VR for our daughter's visual therapy. It was an initial outlay of about 3500$ for both the program and headset, which we see as an investment in her.

Anyway, the program works perfect and we've purchased a few games beyond the free ones that you can download. In our home, we all have iPads and do not have a PC nor a Mac. So the Quest was/is perfect for us. My daughter, she's 7, has been able to take to it fairly quickly - actually she took to it quicker than my wife.

As for me, I like using the Quest for Beat Saber and the Vader Immortal games. I haven't used VR before and this blew me away :) it is an amazing experience! Note, the headset is a bit big without buying some padding. We use and I recommend the VR Cover Head Strap Foam Pad for Oculus™ Quest as it has made the setup a lot more comfortable.
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