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Reviewed in Canada on September 7, 2021
I get that Google are Amazon's rivals - but not having YouTube kids on the tablet is a deal breaker! C'mon Amazon, make a deal with Google to bring YouTube and YouTube kids across to your platform. Sure I know there are work around to install it but you have to completely change the operation of the tablet - it removes all the features and the reasons you bought the kids tablet in the first place.

I just don't understand who you have in charge over there. You are Amazon!! You have endlessly deep pockets. You already have your own streaming platform. Why don't you create your own kids streaming video service? Just try and tempt the best kids YouTube content creators across to your platform? Within a year you would have enough kids content to not need YouTube kids!

It just makes no sense at all. The number 1 reason I haven't bought a fire tablet for my kid is because you don't have YouTube kids. As mentioned, you could fix this problem easily within a year. Once you have kids using your platform, they are most likely to continue using it when they become adults - you have a massive opportunity here and you don't seem to be focused on it at all. It's such a shame, so much potential yet you aren't bothered by it. Give me a job, i know the problems you have and I know the solutions needed to fix it. It's very frustrating seeing you sit on a goldmine and do nothing at all about it!
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