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Reviewed in Canada on May 9, 2020
I always wanted to get the Switch but waited till either Animal Crossing or Metroid comes out on Switch. So here it was, I played primarily on my PS4 and I still do but the Switch is such an awesome addition. I really love playing games in handheld the most and is something I didn't think I'd appreciate a lot.

The battery life is pretty good lasting me about 5-6 hours with max brightness in handheld mode using a headset plugged in sometimes. I know there are people who has joycon drift, which is when the joycon stick has problems and it turns by itself causing the camera or character to move. So far I haven't had that yet, it could be since these are the new Switch version they might've done a bit of tweaking but not sure on that.

Overall I'm very happy with the Switch, I do have issues with some stuff Nintendo does such as their Eshop, online play, etc but nothing bad to say about the actual Switch hardware itself. I'd highly recommend getting one if you move around a lot during the day (granted I'm writing this during the Covid stuff but once that's over and you start going back to the normal routine) or just want to play a game like Bioshock in your bed.
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