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Reviewed in Canada on April 22, 2020
This UPS if for very light usage. I have one for a little less than a year now and have my tv, modem, router and PS4 connected to it.
At 100% battery charge it will hold up all devices connected for less than 2 minutes.
However, I had a power outage and the only things connected to it was my router and a PS4 in rest mode and it didn’t last more than 10 minutes.
So, consider it more like a mean to avoid abrupt shutdown of your devices instead of a way to go through the power outage (except if it’s really short).
For something that will render the power outage seemingless you better opt in for a way bigger battery capacity.
So I give it a 3 stars because it fulfills it main function but in the meantime, it provides very short advantage over simply not having it.
For the price I think it should do more, way more.

Update : I’m rating it down to one star. It lately started to shutdown permanently during the night (it’s at 12% loaded at any time, during the night). When I wake up in the morning, everything connected to it is not working. I have to hold down the power button for it to provide power to the appliances connected to it. If it continues, I’ll just simply have to discard it as it’s unreliable and it shuts down more often than I ever have power outages....
I’ll update my review based on how it behaves from now on. But be already warned, it starts to malfunction in less than a year.
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