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Reviewed in Canada on August 16, 2019
OK so I finally decided to jump into the vr bandwagon given that this headset is v2 and I figured that all the bugs of early adoptions must of been dealt with. Sadly I feel that this headset is unfinished. Some of the oculus app store games won't even load after install and some games won't even install on my pc due to the built in Microsoft anti virus detecting it as a virus and blocking it. The headset guardian set-up has to be frequently reingnitilized and that is time consuming and annoying. 1 out of 3 times the oculus app dosent pick up the headset or the built-in tracking stops working and the pc has to be restarted to fix the issue. Most vr games are really short and get boring after playing more than 3 times. The vr wow factor for me wear off really fast. I think there potential for the future of vr but for me this is a very expensive headset that ends up sitting in the closet after 2 weeks of use. A lot of the games feel unfinished like demos and I feel that developers are still trying to figure out the proper phisics for moving around. Some games are really good most are not. Vr is also very tiryng after half an hour of use. The cinematic games are really cool tho. Hope this review helps potential buyer's.
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