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Reviewed in Canada on May 29, 2000
This book contains the "typical" cuddlies that many toy books have (teddy bear, puppy dog), but also some great unusual critters (including a buzzard, a funny-not-scary monster, an alligator, and a fish) that other books tend to overlook. The instructions are pretty straightforward and the two critters I've made (the "party animal" cat and the monster) have turned out well and without glitches in the pattern. I want to make the buzzard, too, just have to get to the fabric shop to get a couple yards of black fleece.
My one complaint is that the patterns mostly need to be enlarged - and what is more, they are designed for photocopier enlargement only (pattern grids may be different on different pages, with instructions of what % to enlarge). Not all of us have ready access to a photocopier that enlarges! Besides this annoying step, the patterns are cool and unusual. There are things in here that little kids would like, things in here that a teen would enjoy (if they don't consider themselves too sophisticated) and things an adult (me) finds amusing.
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