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Reviewed in Canada on June 6, 2020
Was keeping my eye open for a good 2TB SSD drive, and this one popped up
around the end of April. The specs are off the charts for read and write speeds.

My computer speeds probably tripled after installing this drive. The warranty of
5 years is unprecedented.
As it is with all SSD drives, you need your own mounting screws etc..... as you cannot
use the screws from larger drives.

If you think about it, these drives are often installed in Laptops, and the mounting screws
are tiny.
I did not install this in a laptop, but rather I installed it in my desktop. Prior to this drive
when I started up my computer I could literally go make a coffee before the computer
completely started, but now with this SSD, I'd say my start up times are 75% improved.

You won't be sorry you purchased this drive ..... at least I wasn't sorry. I am very happy with
the performance of this drive.
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