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Reviewed in Canada on February 16, 2020
A level 8 tuff toy couldn't hold up to my tough dog. We have a level 10 ring which he loves and it took a couple of months for him to cut through, but the pig lasted a week before he was completely de-stuffed. My dog searches for the weakest point and started with the ear. Once he got that off, he found a hole small enough to hook his tooth into and the pig was history.
That being said, the large pig was... large. When the dog saw the pig waiting for him on the chair, he was overjoyed. He carried that pig everywhere shaking it and tossing it in the air. It was his buddy. Eventually he threw his buddie's stuffing in the air to celebrate their friendship until there was no stuffing left to toss.
We still have what remains of his headless friend. He uses the tough material as a tug toy now and we still tell him to "go get your pig" even though it no longer resembles one.
This toy would be great for a dog that is a slightly less enthusiastic chewer than my dog. We will definitely be looking for a level 10 stuffy. Still, the price wasn't bad for what we got, considering I spent the same on another toy at the local store and that one didn't last a day. And my dog still loves playing with the pig's remains so it is the pig that keeps on giving.
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