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Reviewed in Canada on July 16, 2019
The advertising says "stand alone", and "no phone required". That is WRONG. You need an android or iPhone to set up the WiFi connection, so I had to borrow a friend's iPhone to do so. After that, it works OK, and I can watch Youtube 360 videos, but it disappointed in another way. The 3D videos on my PC could NOT be played, because the USB cable does not support data from the PC directly into the Oculus Go unit. The Oculus Go unit does download data from the WiFi, so presumably, the only way I could watch the 3D video stored on my PC is to upload my Theta V 3D video to something like Youtube, then watch the resultant Youtube with the Oculus. I have a Ricoh Theta V 3D camera, and I can take 3D videos with it, but at present, I CANNOT watch them with the Oculus Go. Hey Zuckerberg (It's a Facebook product), how difficult would it have been to allow the Oculus Go accept data from the supplied USB cable, which seems to be only used to charge the unit? That's another thing- the 115 volt transformer plug-in battery charging unit was NOT supplied with the item, which means I have to charge it with the USB cable. If I knew I could not watch 360 videos from my PC, I would have looked for a different unit. Would NOT recommend or buy again.
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