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Reviewed in Canada on January 11, 2003
Good children's books on Ancient Rome are hard to find so when I came across Pompeii... Buried Alive!, I bought two copies for my son's and daughter's libraries.
The first chapter gives a glimpse into the lives of the people under the rule of the Roman Empire. Mount Vesuvius is introduced along with the assumption that the people of Pompeii were not aware that they were living beside a dangerous volcano.
The correct pronounciations are given for Pompeii and Vesuvius which are often mispronounced by children as well as adults.
In chapter two, the volcano erupts and descriptions are given as to how the people reacted. Descriptions are also given as to how the volcano eruption affected the air, sky, land, and sea.
The town of pompeii was buried under hot ash.
In the final chapter, chapter 3, Pompeii is forgotten. Time passes. A new town is built overtop of ancient Pompeii.
Workers, who were tunnelling for water, discover pieces of an ancient wall and, years later, Pompeii is rediscovered.
Pompeii... Buried Alive! is not only a well-rounded, excellent book, it is a necessity for teaching children about Pompeii. Everything a child needs to know are in its pages.
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