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Reviewed in Canada on October 18, 2020
If for any reason you're banned from Facebook you'll lose everything you buy from the Oculus store. If you behave badly (or are mistakenly reported as behaving badly) on a console or PC you might get banned from chat or other features but you don't lose all the games and software you paid for. As such I can only recommend this as an entry-level PC VR headset while ignoring all Facebook/Oculus features. Play games from Steam or other sources where you won't lose everything if Facebook's triggerhappy AI randomly misinterprets something you say or do - even privately, where Facebook still reserves the right to record and indefinitely store all your activity while using the headset.

Quest games average 1 GB so you probably don't need the 256 GB kit even if you want to gamble and buy 20+ games from the Oculus store.

The battery strap is reprehensibly priced, don't buy it. Buy a simple battery pack or use one you probably already have.

The elite strap is also overpriced but you'll probably want it at least until cheaper, better third-party alternatives arrive. Disappointingly it's not really that much more comfortable than the fabric one that comes free.

The "fit pack" facial interfaces are too similar. For the price they're charging they should've included 4 instead of just 2 to serve all possible face shapes instead of mild variation on "average". Again, there will be third-party alternatives that are better and cheaper. The foam is all too soft and cheap to really cushion the HMD against your face properly.

A simple carrying case is not worth the price they're charging. Buy a third-party one, Facebook wants far too much for theirs.

The PC VR Link cable is just a fancy cable, there are third-party ones available for $40 that perform identically and use the much more common USB-A connector instead of USB-C.
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