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Reviewed in Canada on November 22, 2020
I am in such poor health that many strong VOCs such as those of eucalyptus and other pungent mouthwash ingredients cause me eye and sinus irritation, so I can't even handle my husband using those, much less use them myself. No such problems now- this stuff just has a mild minty smell like gum, nothing too strong. Another thing we love is that it is gentle on the mouth. Our dentist agrees that the mouthwashes that cause a burning feeling aren't working better, in fact they are worse because irritating the skin in the mouth is the opposite of the goal. Dentist says this product is great for inflamed gums- kills the germs while nurturing the tissue. I always thought I wasn't a mouthwash person because I hate the mouth pain and horribly intense taste and smell of the big brands, but since we found this stuff I am finally able to use mouthwash!
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4.6 out of 5
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