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Reviewed in Canada on April 14, 2021
An excellent movie, on par with the first Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot does an excellent job with her portrayal. It starts with a race featuring a young Diana, she doesn't win but learns a lesson and her time will come. Then we journey to 1984 and Diana is in Washington working in the Smithsonian. While there she runs into Kristen Whig who also works in the archaelogy department. Whig is sort of clumsy, very shy and sort of a frump. Diana befriends Whig, but Whig discovers an ancient artifact that has special powers. Pedro Pascal plays a con man who is almost bankrupt and wants the artifact that can give the holder powers to grant wishes. Pascal gets the artifact and gets special powers. Chris Pine returns but I was not sure how he returned to continue romancing Diana. There is a humorous section where Chris puts on new clothing. Pascal goes to the Arab world and takes over oil mines. Whig also gets special powers as she wishes for strength like Wonder Women and she takes her revenge on a drunk who assaulted her. Pine and Gadot go to the White House and encounter Whig and there is a great sequence where Whig and Gadot fight. The president also falls under the influence of Pascal and wishes for unlimited missiles. Pine and Gadot go to the Arab world and there again is a great action sequence where they overtake a military convoy in which Pascal is travelling. Sadly Wonder Women has to say good-bye to Pine. Another great action sequence takes place where Gadot has to fight against Whig who has changed to a cheetah. There is a second disc of extras including the making of Wonder Woman, Small but Mighty featuring the young actress who portrays the young Diana, and 2 short sections with Gadot and Whig having fun. There is a clear message that wishing for what you want can have severe consequences. Gadot is wonderful as Wonder Women and is listed as a producer. There is a nice segment with the original Wonder Women, Linda Carter. Very much recommended.
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