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Reviewed in Canada on November 3, 2002
This modern take on old-fashioned monster movies succeeds by reveling in its own silliness. Its failings are mainly in the last half hour, which does not sustain the madcap fun of the first hour and tends to drift into a fairly routine horror mode.
The fun begins when a vat of toxic waste falls into a pond outside a small Arizona town. The resulting ecological disaster causes a gigantic increase in size of the local spider population. Now the size of the average car, their appetites increase accordingly. People are on their menu! Led by local prodigal son, Chris [David Arquette], and the town sheriff, Sam [Kari Wuhrer], the residents put up a valiant, though not always well thought out, battle against the eight-legged beasts.
The special effects are appropriately cheesy, mirroring those of Grade Z horror flicks of the 50s and 60s. One weakness, in my opinion, is the casting of David Arquette. The result is a bad actor playing a bad actor in a parody of bad movies. It would have been funnier to have had a great actor in the part.
The movie is intended more for laughs than for scares. Still, people deathly afraid of spiders might want to avoid it.
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