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Reviewed in Canada on January 27, 2021
I received my Blink as a Christmas present along with an Amazon Echo. The first 2 days it worked well so I purchased 3 more Blink camera's. After making the purchase, the Echo would not find the Blink camera. I had no problem viewing the camera on my iPhone with the Blink app but it would not show on the Amazon Echo. It turns out many people have this same problem and it does not seem to get resolved and I have the same issues when I call. Blink blames the Echo and the Echo people blame Blink when they both Amazon companies.

I thought about cancelling my 3 Blink cameras but went ahead with the order. The 3 new Blink camera's work with the Echo but not my first one. I have moved cameras around and re-named them but for some reason the one camera position, while it did work with Amazon Echo for a few days, will no longer work. Internet speed is not a problem and tests out at about 600 Mbps on wireless.
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