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Reviewed in Canada on October 27, 2017
I know a lot of folks loved this film, I'm not one of them. Things I enjoyed.. they introduced 4 villains... Shocker, Fixer, Scorpion and of course Vulture. Keaton was great as Vulture and really a highlight. Special effects, at this point, we expect great quality effects and they delivered... what I didn't like... no spidey sense... its a small detail, but important... Peter Parker tended to be a bit of a loner in highschool.. here he has a cadre of friends and honestly, his sidekick friend, who was constantly trying to out him so they could get dates was infantile and annoying... Flash Thompson, always a representation of kids being bullied in school, which is a huge part of the Spiderman lore and what motivates him... here they missed the mark with a lame bully that would blow over in the breeze, I don't even care that they changed his race and made his name meaningless as a result.. just a real bad casting decision and writing decision.... probably the thing that annoyed me the most, besides Tony Stark subbing in for Uncle Ben (no power and responsibility here) was that Peter is a genius in his own right and the Stark connection completely hijacks that detail.
Finally.. its become more and more common for the writers to insert 'wow's, awesomes and thats so cool' all over thier dialogue... don't lead the audience to that conclusion, let your scenes and gadgets speak for themselves and let the viewers decide if its cool or not.
I'm still a Spidey fan... please get one of these right eventually.
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