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Reviewed in Canada on March 28, 2014
You wouldn't think that a story about a astronaut being left behind on Mars would be so riveting from beginning to end but Weir managed to do just that. The protagonist, Mark Watney quickly became one of the coolest characters I've ever had the pleasure to "meet". Think MacGyver in a NASA space suit stranded on Mars for 18 months with nowhere near enough food. Then think "Martian potatoes".

Author Andy Weir put an incredible amount of research into making this book and managed to take rocket science terminology and make it fascinating and exciting for the average reader. The Martian - A Novel is a MUST read even if you're not a science geek.

And the ending.......I won't say more but the ending.......whoa!! I cried but I won't tell you why. This book WILL be a movie.
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