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Reviewed in Canada on April 8, 2018
I purchased it expecting I was going to be able to stream from my Linux box and record on my mac. The software for recording on my mac did not seem to be very reliable. Sometimes it would not even record. It would show that it was recording but during playback, I would realize it had not recorded. On the Linux box, it was even worse. The Nvidia driver in Linux would not recognize the full HD resolution and would only support a scaled-down resolution. I was also not able to stream with audio. I realize this is a Windows/Mac product without Linux support, but since I was streaming from Linux and recording on a Mac I would expect it to work without issues. One thing I have to say, the customer service was great. I contacted them and explained what was happening. The guys there really tried to help me and debug the issue even though Linux is not a supported system. In the end, the only proposed solutions were 1) to return the product, or 2) try to update the firmware with an unsupported firmware that would void the warranty. I still haven't updated the firmware or done anything with it. I don't have a windows machine and don't expect to get one. I do all my work an gaming on​ Linux and Mac. I believe it has the potential to be a great product if all you use is Windows. At least I can say that the customer support was great.
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