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About this item

  • THIN AND EASY TO INSERT BETWEEN TEETH: This floss is slim and designed to get into the narrow spaces between teeth and get below the gumline to dislodge and remove dental plaque and food particles.
  • EXPANDS FOR AN ENHANCED CLEAN: GUM Expanding Floss is initially flat to get into the tight spaces between teeth but expands during use. This allows for contact with a larger surface area of the teeth below the gumline for enhanced plaque removal.
  • CONVENIENT SEE-THROUGH CONTAINER: Allowing you to monitor exactly how much floss you’ve used.
  • HELPS PREVENT GUM IRRITATION: By flossing between the teeth on a daily basis, users can go a long way towards preventing dental plaque from hardening and irritating the gums.
  • BI-DIRECTIONAL LINK TO DIABETES - Gum disease can allow bacteria into the bloodstream that can result in higher blood sugar levels, resulting in people with diabetes being 1.5 - 3 times more likely to suffer from periodontitis.
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